Goals & Goos | February 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

So I decided to change my Monthly Mission posts to Goals & Goos!  I thought this is a bit more catchy than Monthly Mission.  Anyways as always, I have a few goals I want to accomplish this month, along with a few goos (products) I want to concentrate on using up as well.  Without further blabbering, let's get started.

  • Spending ban.  I just need to (try to) not buy anything this month.  After my January haul post, you'll see why.  I figured February is the shortest month so it should be the easiest to get through...?  That and the fact that most of the new drugstore releases are already out and I already got my hands on some of the ones that I want to try out so it should be a bit easier-ish.  
  • Blogging schedule.  I swear this is one of my goals every month.  It's really been hard to get back into the swing of things.  I've been meaning to blog again on a more regular schedule, but I would miss a day and would push back the day I want to start again by a week, or two, or three... I really want to stick to Tuesday/Friday schedule, but we shall see how that goes.
  • Daily vitamins.  This used to be in one of my earlier Monthly Missions, but I kind of stopped taking my gummy vitamins daily again... I think I need to place it somewhere where it'll be visible so I'll remember it.
  • 3 Grateful things per day.  Last year, I used to religiously recap my day and think of all the things that happened during the day that made me happy.  I believe that helped me out of the depressed funk I was in last year.  Unfortunately I stopped sometime mid-last year and I have been having trouble getting back into it.  Hopefully I'll remember to start doing it more.

  • Softlips.  I was working on finishing my EOS lip balm for the longest time that when I actually finished it, I started using a different lip balm everyday since.  I want to have a lip balm to focus on and I chose this one.  I purchased the scent Pomegranate Blueberry from Big Lots for $1 and it's definitely worth it.  It's the same scent as one of the Softlips cubes and it's definitely more affordable (the $1 ones from Big Lots).
  • Nivea Body Lotion.  This is one of the samples I received from Target a long time ago.  I use this as a hand lotion at home, but my sister doesn't like the scent of it.  I figured I would try to use this up this month since she's away at college for most of the month.
  • Dove Pure Care Dry Oil.  I believe this was in the Walmart Beauty Box for Fall 2014.  I'm about half way done with it and this sample size is definitely lasting quite a while for me since I only use about four drops every time.
  • Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil.  My current night time moisturizer.  I found that I only need 2 drops of this for my whole face!  I was using 3 drops and it left my face really oily.  I've used a little more than half of the bottle already but I think this will last me quite a while still since I only need 2 drops.
  • Jergens BB Body.  This is one of those XX youtuber made me buy it products.  So many people on youtube raved about it so I went out and tried it.  I like it and have used about half of this container.  Unfortunately I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging.  I think there're some weird air bubbles in the packaging or something.

What are some of your goals for the month of February?  Are there some products you're also planning to use up in February as well?

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