Wishlist | February 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

It's that time of the month again, where I'll be talking about products I've been itching to hoard.  This time I have a list of drugstore-ish lip products that I've been lusting over since I found out about them.  I mentioned that these products are drugstore-ish because although they have drugstore prices, you can't find all of them at your local drugstores.

First up on the list is Colour Pop's Lippie Stix.  I have no idea where and when this brand came out but I noticed back in October of 2014, a BUNCH of youtubers were raving about the brand.  There're so many shades that I would probably spend a good amount of time looking up swatches.  I think the best part about this brand is that all their products are all affordable!  I couldn't believe their Lippie Stix is only $5 each!  That is cheaper than some lipsticks we have at the drugstores!  The one downside is that you have to order their products online.  I'm most likely going to get my hands on these some time later this year, and I'm super excited for it!

Next we have Jordana's Modern Matte lipstick.  I believe these are new products that started appearing at Walgreens and Kmart back in January while the official launch date is actually February.  Honestly these matte lipsticks are the reason why I haven't allowed myself to step inside Walgreens lately.  I know that if I see them, I'll be too tempted to get it so in order to avoid buying it, I just don't go to the store at all.  

Then there is Hard Candy's Plumping Serum Gel Stick.  I believe I heard about these from emilynoel83 on youtube, if not another youtuber, raving about this.  I was intrigued but unfortunately I don't have a Walmart near me (closest one is actually about 30 minutes away!), and Walmart doesnt sell it online!  I'm sure I'll eventually make it to a Walmart that sells Hard Candy eventually, but until then I'll just be lusting over these.

Lastly it's Milani's Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick.  I believe these just launched this month but people have been finding them since January.  There are 8 shades and I'm eyeing the red one in Matte Confident.  I currently have a weak spot for red lippies, especially matte ones.  For some reason I just think matte red lips are so classic.  

I honestly see most, if not all of these, in my hoard collection before the year is over.  I can feel that I will be hunting these down sooner or later.  My challenge to myself is to see how long I can go on before I cave and purchase any one of these.

Have you tried any of these?  If so, what are your thoughts on them?

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