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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's no secret that I love watching TV shows.  Since I was in college, I have a rather long list of TV shows that I watch week to week and for a while I actually remembered the days of the week by what shows are on that day.  I thought I would do a round up of the TV shows that I'm currently watching for the Spring of 2015, or more like the first half of the year.  I think it would be interesting to compare the shows that I'm watching from time to time and see how my interest changes.

Since I have a long list, I thought I would organize it by the days the shows come on.

Once Upon a Time.  I loved the first two seasons of this show, actually I think I really enjoyed season 3 too.  But ever since the Evil Queen/Regina "turned" good, the show has been a bit boring.  I think they're just going to have a new villain every half season and just go on for who knows how many more seasons.  One thing I really do like and enjoy is how the creators have mixed the different fairy tales all together so that they all somehow relate and connect to each other.

Revenge.  Used to be my favorite show.  I would have been happy/satisfied if the finale of season 3 was how the show ended.  Season 4 just seems so different and I don't have high hopes that it'll carry on to future seasons... hopefully I'm wrong on this.  I do think season 1 was the best because every episode involved taking down an enemy, and all the revenge plots were different.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  This is one of the older show that I just started watching.  There isn't really a storyline to follow from week to week which is nice if you don't, or if you can't, follow the show week to week unlike me.  I think I started watching this show on season 2 and I haven't gone back to watch season 1 yet and have no trouble following along the episodes.

2 Broke Girls.  Hilarious show.  Really enjoyable but it's not that family friendly.  They crack a lot of inappropriate jokes but it is overall really funny.  The show follows two girls on their dream to open a cupcake shop with no start-up money/investment.  I really like how they keep a running total of how much they've saved at the end of each episode, making you recap on how they made that money in the episode.

Jane the Virgin.  This show is still a new show, on its first season currently.  I have to say, it took me a while to like this show.  I thought a lot of the plots in the show were so typical, like when something happens I thought to myself, of course this would happen at this moment... That annoyed me for a long time and the narrator took a while to get used to.  It has a good, typical, predictable storyline and is a light, fun show to watch.  

Pretty Little Liars.  A popular favorite of many girls and young female adults currently.  I loved the show but currently I feel like the show is confused, like it doesn't know which direction it wants to go.  New characters keep appearing for the last few episodes to add more to the storyline but they can only hide A for so many more episodes before we get frustrated again.  Plus, the main characters have been in their senior year of high school for the past 3 seasons... So I do wonder how they'll pull off college... or are they going to be in the summer before college for the next 3 seasons?

New Girl.  Not my favorite show, but definitely not my least favorite show either.  It's funny but recently I've noticed that I'm slowly losing interest in the show.  I wouldn't miss it if one day I stopped watching the show for some odd reason.

The Middle.  An old show that is new to me.  I just started watching it this current season, which is their 5th or 6th season already!  I don't really know what else to say about this show except it's funny and enjoyable.  I haven't watched the previous seasons but I am sure it won't be long until I get to them.

Black-ish.  New show, still on its first season.  I think this is a pretty funny show that is done pretty well.  I don't really have much to say about the show.  It's about a well off African American family and shows normal family situations and some situations they faced due to the fact that they're blackish.  

Modern Family.  An old favorite.  I'm really happy Modern Family is still going strong after all those seasons.  It is a funny, family-oriented show that I can imagine watching with my parents, and trust me, there aren't that many of those shows.  I don't think there's really a storyline that is carried out week to week.   

The Big Bang Theory.  Another oldie but a goodie.  I used to follow this show, then stopped for a few years and I'm starting to follow it again.  I still haven't watched the episodes that I missed but I'll get around to it eventually.  It's about a group of nerds and their lives.  I am starting to notice that I'm slowly getting bored of the show but it's still pretty funny.  Recently I noticed that they don't have good transition from scene to scene, which I guess is their style.

How To Get Away with Murder.  Holy cow.  I started watching this some time in January and literally watched the first 9 episodes in less than 2 days.  I am addicted to the show.  BUT I noticed that I can't stand a lot of the characters.  I haven't found a character that I like from the show; they all seem to annoy me.  But the storyline is really enticing and I can't wait to see how they'll carry on the show to Season 2 and more if they get renewed for them.  

Last Man Standing.  This is one of my favorite shows at the moment.  I started watching this at the beginning of this current season and quickly fell in love with it.  It's funny, witty, and talks about a lot of the current event in the show too.  One thing I love is that the casts from Tim Allen's previous show, Home Improvement, drop by sometimes and they make small inside jokes referring to the show.  

Honorable Mention:
Fresh Off The Boat.  This is a brand spanking new show that premiered on ABC 2 weeks ago, tonight will be the 3rd week the show has aired.  It's about a typical Asian family on the road to the American dream.  I put this in honorable mention because I still don't know how I feel about this show.  It's funny and relatable to me because I came from the same background but I don't know how others who can't relate will see it.  The show reminds me of a mix of Malcolm in the Middle and Everybody Hates Chris.  

Have you guys watched any of these shows before?  Do you have any show recommendations that you love and that I should watch?

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