Empties: Vol. 1

Friday, September 26, 2014

Product empties are one of my favorite topics to watch on youtube and read on blogs.  It feels so motivating to read about how other people can use up so many products so quickly!  I've finally saved enough products to do an empties post, along with a short review of each of the products!

I've been collecting these products for the past few months; I usually don't finish this many products in a short amount of time.  I have no idea how some people use up so many products in a month, each month!  Anyways, I've separated the products in different categories below.

Face Products:
Clean & Clear Morning Burst Face Wash.  Honestly there was nothing special about this face wash.  It was pretty cheap and did the job fine.  This had a citrusy scent and had beads that burst when you are washing your face.  It did leave my face a bit dry, but I realized that that's how I like my face wash.  For some reason, my face doesn't feel clean until all the oil is stripped from it.  I don't think I would be repurchasing this in the future since I like to try different face washes.
Elf Blotting Sheets.  I actually really like these blotting sheets from Elf.  They come in a pack of three and are usually found only during the holiday season at Target.  The sheets are pretty small but they are really thick compared to Elf's other blotting sheet from their essential line.  I believe each pack comes with 50 sheets, but I find that because the sheets are thick enough, I only need one sheet for my face.  I would definitely repurchase this when I find them during the holiday season again.
Epielle Cucumber Cleansing Tissues.  This is the first makeup wipe I've ever used so I really don't have anything to compare it to.  I bought this at Big Lots for $2 after reading so many people rave about it on the blogosphere.  The wipes are pretty thin but it does the job fairly well.  There are 60 sheets in each pack, so these are definitely the cheapest makeup wipes I've found.  The cucumber scent is nice and not overwhelming.  I would definitely repurchase it next time I'm at Big Lots.
Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream.  This is the first gel moisturizer I've used.  I have oily skin and I heard gel moisturizers are really great for oily skin so I went out and got it.  I would repurchase this if I find it on sale in the future, but I would not go out of my way to get it anytime soon.

Body Products:
Herbal Essence Moisturizing Body Wash.  I love the smell of this body wash!  It reminds me of the older herbal essence shampoos that they used to make, and had brought back.  Again, this is one of my first body wash so I really don't have anything else to compare it to.  I would definitely repurchase this if they still make them because I really love the scent!
Bath&Body Works Fresh Picked Hand Cream in Strawberry.  This is so amazing!  I am currently using the full size version of this at home and it really leaves my hand moisturized.  It has a sweet strawberry scent, which is not too overwhelming.  The product absorbs into my skin pretty fast and doesn't make my hands feel greasy.  I was really sad that this year BBW did not release a strawberry scent in their Fresh Picked line.  I would definitely repurchase without thinking twice!

Hair Products:
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.  Wow I have a lot of first time products in this post!  Once again, this was the first time I used a conditioner/hair mask.  I've never really used conditioner and it's finally catching up to me.  I've found that my hair has been pretty dry and unruly lately so my sister gave this for me to try.  She actually used half of it before she decided she didn't want it any more, so this was already half emptied when I got it.  I don't mind the coconut smell this has; actually I'm slowly warming up to coconut scents.  I've repurchased this and would definitely repurchase for a quick conditioner/hair mask!
Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo.  I've found that my hair has been getting really oily really fast.  It barely lasts two days now so sometimes, I want to wash my hair every day instead of every other day.  My sister suggested I try a clarifying shampoo and honestly this wasn't the first one I wanted to try.  I did really like this and it made my hair feel really clean.  I would definitely repurchase this!
Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray.  I honestly don't know if this product does anything to your hair but I really enjoy the scent.  I usually use it when I'm going to curl or straighten my hair, which unfortunately isn't that often; I need to remember to use this before I blow dry my hair though!  I actually won this in one of those allure giveaways they have once a year and took me years to use it up.  I have repurchased this but I don't know if I will be repurchasing in the future, as I am always curious about other products out in the market.

Dry Shampoos:
Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Dry Shampoo.  Eleventhgorgeous raved about this product so much that I finally caved in and bought it.  I really liked it when I first got it, but I realized that it leaves a white cast on your hair if you don't go through and brush out your hair carefully.  I like to use this the night before and comb it out in the morning; I find this does the trick of getting rid of most of the white cast.  I have repurchased this, but I might be interested in trying other dry shampoos out there.
PSSSST! Dry Shampoo.  I purchased this in a travel size at Bed Bath and Beyond and I really like this.  It doesn't really leave a white cast, or rather it's a lot easier to comb through.  This has a faint coconut-y scent, which I don't mind much.  I really like this and have repurchased this over and would repurchase it in the future!
Tresmme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.  I bought the trail size at Target years ago and HATED it.  I hope I purchased a bad one because it is just terrible.  It leaves a strong white cast that I can't quite comb through.  On top of that, I'm not sure if it was because it was old, or if it was bad, but the dry shampoo clumped up and left a horrible residue in my hair that I wanted to run to the shower and wash my hair right away.  Definitely would not repurchase this but I would not mind trying it again if I received it as a gift or something.

Have you guys tried any of these products?  What are some of your recent empties?

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