Monthly Wishlist: September 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I am always lusting over things I don't have and my wish list is over a mile long.  I thought I would share some of it every month.  Sooo... here are the items in my wish list for September 2014:

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask.  This product has been raved by every other youtuber and blogger.  I honestly don't know anything about this product besides that its pretty thick and makes a great overnight lip treatment.  I've heard the metal packaging can be difficult to deal with as well.  Currently I believe you can only get this at Sephora for $26.  I don't think I will be getting this for a while because I have a product that I love for my overnight lip treatment and I am happy with it.  If I ever feel fancy and find myself with a spare $30, I will pick it up; but until then, I won't be losing sleep over wanting this product.

Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks.  I swear I've heard almost every youtuber I've subscribed to rave about Too Faced La Creme lipsticks.  I honestly didn't really care for it since the price tag of $22 is a bit steep for me.  However, there are some shades I've been lusting and I wouldn't mind trying them out when I have a bit more disposable cash on hand.  Some of the shades I've been lusting over are: Sweet Maple, Divine Wine, Bumbleberry, Loganberry, and Teddy Berry. 

Sephora Collection Kiss Me Balm.  I remembered seeing this on musingofamuse's post and after seeing her swatch of the shade Soda Pop, I knew that had to be in my possession one of these days.  I believe eleventhgorgeous also featured these in one of their sephora haul videos a few months ago.  You can find these for $8 at sephora and I have a strong feeling Soda Pop will be mine within the next year or so.

Too Faced Melted Berry.  Holy cow!  This particular shade was literally love at first swatch for me!  Last week I had some spare time so I roamed around Ulta swatching things, like usual.  For some reason I ended up at the Too Faced counter and decided to swatch their Melted lipsticks.  I remembered being disappointed that I didn't like any of their original shades but this time I came across the new shade Melted Berry.  I don't follow high end makeup brands as closely as I follow drugstore brands, since I can't afford the high end brands as easily, so I wasn't aware Too Faced came out with new shades to their melted lipstick line.  (I thought the new shades were limited edition shades for the Holidays...)  Anyways, I came across Melted Berry and decided to sheer out the color for my swatch and fell in love with the shade!  I probably would have purchased it that day if they had it on the shelves, but luckily for my wallet, they didn't.  I will say I am most likely purchasing this during sephora's VIB sale later on this year and I can't wait to sport it during the holiday season.  I honestly think $21 is a pretty good deal, especially for me since I will only wear a sheer layer of it so it should last me quite a while.

These are the products I've been lusting over, some longer than the others.  I didn't think my first wish list would be all lip products, but it just happened this way.  I honestly can't wait to have some of these in my hands to play with in the future.

Have you tried any of these items before?  And what are some of the things you've been lusting on?

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