Monthly Mission - September 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy September!  Holy cow, three quarters of the year already passed by and the holiday season is just around the corner!  Each month I want to start having five little monthly goals/missions that I want to work on, along with five products that I want to focus on using.  I figured this would be a good way to improve myself each month and a good way to incorporate something new into my daily routine.

So without further blabbering, here are my five missions for September 2014:
  1. 30 Day Challenge.  More specifically, 30 day abs challenge.  I started something like this back in April but I didn't finish all 30 days.  I believe back then I got up to day 24 or something and I stopped.  Recently, I've been feeling a bit bloated, and I've noticed that my eating habits have changed (I've been eating out a lot more and eating random junk food in-between meals). I really want to tone my abs area, and if I get abs, that'll be a bonus!  I'll be combining two different challenges (abs challenge & beach body challenge) since I noticed that when I did the abs challenge by itself, I did not see any sort of results until after 20+ days.  This time, I am hoping that by combining these two I'll get to see the results faster, making the challenges a bit more rewarding.
  2. Read one book a month.  I really enjoy reading but lately I've noticed that I haven't made time to sit down and open a book.  Recently, I started listening to various audiobooks and I found that it is a lot easier to just listen to audiobook as I'm going about my day rather than finding time to sit down and read.  This month I want to make some time to read a physical book along with listening to different audiobooks.
  3. Take vitamins daily.  I have a bad habit of not taking vitamins daily.  I think it is starting to affect me because I feel like I don't have enough energy to carry me through my whole day.  I have the pack of gummy multi-vitamins from Costco and I haven't really touched it in a long time.  Hopefully this will start a habit of taking daily vitamins for the rest of my life (or is it a wishful thinking..?)
  4. Make lists and schedules.  I think I have a lot of random thoughts in my head and I need to dump it all out somewhere.  I've read somewhere that some people take certain amount of time in their days and have a little brain dump session.  I think that can be beneficial to me to get everything on paper so that I'm not constantly afraid of forgetting to do something or forgetting some new ideas.
  5. Blog schedule.  I want to into the habit of incorporating blogging into my routine.  And in order to do that, I really need to start setting strict schedule to myself and start planning ahead of time for me to achieve what I want to achieve with this blog.  Hopefully this month will allow me to get into the swing of things.
And now the five products I want to focus on this month:

  1. Clean & Clear Moisturizer.  I've had this moisturizer for a while now and I need to start using this more now that I finished using up my Garnier gel moisturizer.  
  2. L'oreal Lash Out Mascara.  This was so hyped up when it first came out a few months ago and I totally jumped on the bandwagon and fell in love with this mascara!  It is definitely my favorite mascara I've tried so far and I want to use this up so I can try some other ones I've purchased recently.  (plus, I have a few backup that I got a while back)
  3. Elf Liquid Lipstick in Perfect Pink.  When I first bought this shade, I was a bit scared that the pink would be too blue based for my skin tone but I was decently surprised to find that I like how it looks on me.  The formula is a bit sticky but it does leave a nice sheer tint on my lips.  I don't think it's pigmented enough to be called a liquid lipstick but it is a decent lip gloss for $1.
  4. EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet.  This lip balm just won't quit!  I've been trying to use this up for the past several months and I can't wait to use it all up!  I don't remember taking this long with my first EOS lip balm but I am slowly getting through it.
  5. Jergen BB Body Cream.  Another item that was hyped up in the beauty world, and I fell victim to the bandwagon.  I will say it has a nice scent to it and it does leave my legs nice and soft.  I don't think it leaves my legs looking magical but it does make a good daily moisturizer for my legs.
So these are my goals/mission for the month of September.  I hope to accomplish these and make these into habits to help me with my every day life.  

Sooo, what are some of your goals for this month and how do you plan to accomplish them?

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