Things You Might Forget for College

Friday, September 19, 2014

Last week I talked about some things that you might not need for college.  This week, I will be talking about some things you might forget to pack for college.  Since most people are busy packing extra underwear, school supplies, etc, here are some things that you will most likely need some time during the school year.

So while you are packing for school, don't forget these items!
  1. Cash.  This is simple but always have some cash on you!  You might not need to carry it with you all the time on campus, but it's useful when you do need it.  Its really helpful when you're going out with friends and are splitting the bill.  Also helpful if you don't want your parents to know where you are spending your money at!  
  2. Formal, Semi-formal, party outfits.  These outfits are very important to have around, even though you might not wear them at all during the school year.  It's nice to have a formal attire in case you need to interview for a job or some position.  Semi-formal attires are good to have around for fraternity or sorority recruitment events.  Party outfits... I think that's self explanatory.  
  3. Water Heater/Boiler.  Perfect for quick tea, or instant ramen.  I loved having one around and its helped me prepared so many fast instant noodle meals!
  4. Over the Door Hook.  The hook is quite a space saver.  It'll help you organize some things in your room because you now have a place to hang up worn clothes and/or jackets.  I personally don't like to hang my worn clothes back into the closet, so its helpful to hang them on the over the door hook.
  5. Umbrella and Winter Coats.  Even though school starts at the end of summer, there is still a chance of random rain showers or cold spell before winter actually approaches.  Its really helpful to have an umbrella and a coat when just in case something like this happens.
So what are some of the items you think are necessary that some people might forget to bring?

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