First Aid Beauty | Peace, Joy & Fab Set

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today I am here to tell you guys about an awesome set from First Aid Beauty that is currently available at Sephora!  The Peace, Joy & Fab is the holiday set from First Aid Beauty that is an amazing deal that include five products that are worth twice the value of the set!

I decided to split this set with my sister since she was running low on her Ultra Repair Cream and wanted the Facial Radiance Pads as well.  I love the Face Cleanser and is always up to try the mist and a new sleeping cream.  So this set was perfect for us to split.  

The set comes with:
  • Vitamin Hydrating Mist (2.0 oz) $16
  • Face Cleanser (2.0 oz) $10
  • Facial Radiance Pads (28x) $15
  • Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream (1.7 oz) $38
  • Ultra Repair Cream (6 oz) $30

If you add up all the values of the products, it ends up being $109, which is half the price of the set ($54).  If you love First Aid Beauty products, I would recommend this set to you!  It is such a good deal to buy this set because all the products are essentially half of the price if you were planning to buy them individually.  I'm really excited to try out the mist and the sleeping mask but unfortunately I won't be getting around to them for a bit; my face has been breaking out from unconfirmed reasons and I don't want to introduce new products to it yet.

With Black Friday around the corner, is this one of the products that will be going home with you?

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