First International Swap with Tales of a Pale Face

Friday, July 24, 2015

This post is so long overdue that I'm actually really embarrassed about how late it is.  But back in February, yes it's been that long, I saw a post where Kat from Tales of a Pale Face was organizing a beauty swap and I thought that would be such a fun thing to participate in, and to get to try some products that are not sold in the US!  So I signed up and completely forgot about it for a while.  Then she contacted me around March saying I was partnered up with her and we exchanged several emails and set some budgets and told each other our likes and dislikes.  I'm actually quite embarrassed because my goodies arrived at the end of May, before I even got a chance to mail out hers.  (Sorry!

I actually tried my hardest to not eat or play with that many things but my curiosity won and dug into all the lip products before I took the pictures!  When i first saw the contents, I was completely shocked and amazed at her generosity!  I told her that I love lip products and she made sure she included 6 different lip products for me to obsess over!  On top of that she also included an eye shadow palette and a blush, along with some of her favorite snacks!  So here are the products that Kat sent me!  (I honestly feel so embarrassed about the products I got for her after I saw this!)

First up are the snacks!  I've never seen any of these but I have to say, it took a lot of self restraint to not open these up and try them all right when I saw them!

One of the few non-lip products that was included in the package was this Gorgeous Glow Blush Block from Collection.  Collection is a brand that we can't get in the US so I was excited to see this!  The blush looks like a really nice peachy-shimmery shade that would look really nice on.

The other non-lip product that I was shocked to see was this eye shadow palette by Makeup Revolution.  This palette is the Redemption Palette Iconic 1 and it reminds me a lot of all those neutral palette out in the market right now.  What's really nice is, I think there are three matte shades in the palette that you can use as highlight or transition/crease color.  I'm really excited to dig in and swatch it all to see the pigmentation of it!

Everything else I'll be mentioning below was in this cute little makeup bag by Paul & Joe.  I think I squealed when I saw this makeup bag; it's the cutest and the perfect crazy cat lady makeup bag I've ever seen!  I've heard about the brand Paul & Joe and their cute lipstick bullet shaped like cats, but that's the extent of my knowledge of that brand.  I'm so excited to add this to my collection of makeup bags!

The first thing I saw in the makeup bag was this face mask by the brand Indeed Labs.  I've seen some bloggers mentioning this brand on the blogosphere a while back and was so excited I get to try this face mask!  I've been really into skincare recently so finding this made me so happy!  Ulta now carries this brand so I'm excited to see how I like this face mask and from that, I might pick up some more from this brand!

One last thing before we get into the pile of lip products!  I have also heard about the brand Kiko but I don't really know much about it.  I'm also really excited to see the Dawn Till Dusk Volume Effect Mascara.  Lately I've been really into trying out different mascaras (I blame my sister), and I can't wait to open this and try it.  I haven't even opened the tube to see what the brush is like because I'm still working on some opened mascara before I want to dig into this!

Now, this is my favorite part of the swap package!  I honestly was not expecting all of these to be included in the swap.  I know I told her I wanted to try some of the Bourjois products, and that I'm obsessed with anything lip crayons.  I think I also mentioned that I wanted to try some of the popular Rouge Edition lip gloss type products and boy did she go above and beyond.  She included the Lanolips Lip Ointment, which I've heard many good things about, Bourjois Color Boost lip crayon in Peach On the Beach, Barry M Genie, which is one of those pH adjusting lip products, Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Honey Nectar, I actually have one in Ripe Raspberry so I was happy this is a shade I didn't have, Bourjois Rouge Velvet in Don't Pink of it!, and Bourjois Rouge Aqua Laque in Rose on the rocks.  

Overall, I have swatched all the lip products at least once and I'm so excited to swatch blush and the eyeshadow palette!  I'm also excited to try the snacks that she included in the swap as well!  

I'm really thankful that Kat organized this swap and allowed me to participate; I know I'm still  at the beginning of my blogging journey and don't have a lot of history or experience with swaps, so I felt like I was a risk that she was taking so I'm really glad she gave me this opportunity to participate and try out makeup products from across the pond.  I hope to participate in more beauty swaps in the future and start collecting makeup from around the world!

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