Wishlist | April 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another month, another wish list!  This time I thought I would do it on a list of things I've been eyeing at Sephora, since their VIB sale thing is just around the corner.  Unfortunately, (or maybe thankfully...) I'm still not a VIB so I won't have access to the sales until Friday.  But I can always drool over things online right...?

Origins GinZing Extra-Zing Energizing Kit - $22 | I've heard many wonderful things about the GinZing line from Origins and I thought this would be an awesome introduction to not only the line, but also the brand for me.  It comes with a moisturizer, cleanser and an eye cream, which is kind of pricey since Tarte's travel size maracuja oil and the eye cream is only $12.

YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil - $32 | Holy cow, so many people on youtube has raved about this product so I am quite excited to see how it is for myself!  I have gone inside sephora and have swatched it a few times and I have to say, there really isn't much pigmentation to these.  But I would still love to get my hands on these and try one, especially since it'll be my very first YSL product!  The shade I'm eyeing, which unfortunately is sold out online, is Cherry Me Cherie.  That seems to be the most pigmented out of the bunch.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick - $28 | I've been itching to get my little hands on a Bite lipstick for a while now and I don't really know why I chose this particular one out of all of their different lipstick lines.... maybe it's because it's the newest?  I don't quite understand the whole hand cut concept and the fact that it's a flat top bullet, unlike all the traditional slant top bullets.  I don't have any particular shades in mind, but I'm sure I'll find some after I swatch around a bit!

Sephora Favorites The Great Cleanse - $48 | I don't remember where I first saw this but ever since I saw it, I've been lusting over it!  It's been a long maybe 3-4 months of me stalking Sephora's website hoping this will go on sale, but that hasn't happened...yet?  This set contains so many products from different brands that I would love to try, but $48 is a little out of my comfort zone to splurge on something that's over $35 without any sales or gift card or something.  

These are on my to-buy list for the current Sephora VIB sale.  I know for a fact I'll most likely pick up one of the lip products but I'm unsure about the others.  Just can't bring myself to spend more than $50 in one go at Sephora buying just a handful of things... What are some of the things on your wish list for the current VIB sale?

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