Empties | 2015 Vol. 01

Friday, May 22, 2015

So I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I've only used up 11 products within the first 4 months of the year... and some of the products on the list aren't even fully used up.  Let me go crawl into a corner and hide my shame while you guys read through my empties and how I felt about them.

I went and separated the products into smaller categories for body, skincare and random.

Body products:
  • The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shower Gel.  I got this in a set around the holiday time and I have to say, I really like the scent of this.  It's been a while since I used this but I don't remember if it lathered up as well as the shower gels from BBW.  I'm currently finishing up a shower gel from the Body Shop and I feel like I have to use quite a bit of product for it to lather up nicely on my loofa.
    Repurchase?  If I find them on sale or have some discount.
  • Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon Shower Gel.  This is by far one of my favorite scent from BBW.  Surprisingly it's one of the newer-to-me-scent as this is the first product I have that is in Pink Chiffon line.  I really enjoyed it and have already went back and claimed a few more free travel size shower gels in this scent.  I really like the fact that it lathers up so easily and it just smells really good.
    Repurchase? Already have a few more of these travel size in this scent too!
  • Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Shower Gel.  This was a sample size from who knows how long ago (notice the super old packaging?).  I was cleaning my house one day and stumbled upon this so  I decided to use it up.  Sweet Pea is definitely not my favorite scent from BBW, actually I forgot what it smelled like and had to stop by my local BBW to make sure the scent hasn't gone bad.  It lathered up pretty nicely and the scent lingered for a little while after I get out of the shower.
    Repurchase? Yes but not this scent.
  • Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Bubble Bath.  I found this in my house the same time I found the complementing shower gel.  Since I don't take bubble baths, I was going to use this as a shower gel (and I thought I was being clever about this).  Unfortunately I noticed that there were weird lumps floating on top which I can only assume is mold or some other gross thing growing in it.  I decided not to risk it and just toss it out.
    Repurchase? Most likely not since I don't take baths.

Skincare products:
  • Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil.  This little travel size will last FOREVER!  I literally only use 2 drops for my whole face and that is plenty already!  I didn't enjoy it at first because I was using 4-5 drops and had the greasiest face by the time I was heading to bed.  Slowly I started to use less and less and I noticed that 2 drops is perfect for my whole face!  I am currently trying to find the right combo for my skincare products but whenever I feel like something isn't working and is breaking me out, I revert back to using only this oil on my face until my skin calms down.
    Repurchase?  Already have!  I have another mini travel size I'm currently using right now and a HUGE super size one! 
  • Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light.  This is one of the item that I didn't finish using up.  Unfortunately the packaging broke while I had this in a makeup bag.  One day I noticed that the top of the dropper, the black squishy part, came off the bottle.  I was trying to save this until I another way to use the products by wrapping it up in the saran wrap.  Unfortunately the product got contaminated.   Luckily I saw the contamination before I actually put it on my face!
    Repurchase?  Already have and will start using that one once I get through some products I'm currently using.
  • Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment.  This was my first ever eye cream and honestly I had no idea what to look for in eye cream, and I still don't really.  It was nice and absorbed into the skin under my eye pretty quickly.  This little container lasted a while for me because I didn't use it every day, like I should.
    Repurchase?  Probably one day in the future if I see this on sale in the future... 
  • L'oreal Youth Code Serum Intense.  This is a sample size that came in a small trial kit I purchased from CVS during one of their semi-annual clearance sales.  I don't think I have the packaging anymore so I don't remember what the claims of the products are, but that doesn't matter since this broke me out.  I tried it on two  different occasions to make sure that this serum was what was breaking me out and both times, my suspicions were confirmed.  I still have a cleanser and a moisturizer from the set and I'm on the fence about using them currently since this serum broke me out.  Maybe I'll brave it out one day and try them and hope for the best.
    Repurchase? No thank you!

Random products:

  • Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion.  I purchased these during college because they had these at our little on-campus "grocery" store.  I had extra money on my meal plan so I purchased three of them.  Sadly this is only the first one I've finished and the only reason I went through it is because I have it next to me at work.  Honestly, the product is ok; it absorbs into my skin at a decent rate and alleviates my dry hands for a few hours.  It is softly scented that should not bother many people.
    Repurchase?  After I get through my remaining two, I don't think I'll be repurchasing these.  I like to try out different hand creams.
  • Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant in Light and Fresh Scent.  This is my favorite deodorant I've used so far; well that statement would be more meaningful if I've actually used up many other deodorant.  But honestly where I live, it rarely gets above 70 degrees so most days I don't wear deodorant.  I only put on deodorant when I know I'll be sweating during that day or something.  I love how fresh it smells and when you sweat, you only smell the freshness of the deodorant!
    Repurchase?  Definitely! 
  • CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine in Citrusmint.  I've used this as an overnight lip treatment for many years now and have gone through multiple tubes of it.  I've also recommended it to my sister and she is now on her second tube of it.  I will admit that this is on the thicker side and will leave your lips super shiny when you use it, but holy cow I love that it stays on my lips throughout the night and I can wipe if off with a wet towel in the morning to remove the product and to gently exfoliate my lips!
    Repurchase?  Definitely!  Except might be in the Ultra Shine flavor instead of the Citrusmint flavor.

So these are my shameful, measly 11 products that I've used up within the first four months of the year.  I will say these next 4 months might have more empties because I already have four empties and have a few more that I'm finishing up!  Fingers crossed I get through more things!

What are some of the products you've gone through and would repurchase in a heartbeat?

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