2015 Birthday Gifts | Ulta & Sephora

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In my opinion, one of the perks of having a birthday early in the year is that you get the free gifts from Sephora and Ulta before everyone else!  Unfortunately if you're anything like me, you go and get your gifts but forget about them because you've tucked them away somewhere, to save them for pictures to blog about in the near future... So... These are my birthday gifts from Ulta and Sephora!

Unfortunately, the gift from Ulta is not the same for everyone.  People with birthdays from January to March of 2015 will receive this little palette from Ulta.  And everyone else will receive other gifts.  I heard the gift for April to June is an Urban Decay eyeliner or something.  I wish they gave everyone the same gift like last year... but I guess you can't always have what you want.

The palette is a really pretty, neutral palette from Ulta's brand in Indie.  It seems like it has 4 shimmer shade and one matte(?) shade.  Unfortunately I don't wear eyeshadows so I haven't gone in to swatch it or anything yet, since I haven't decided if I want to give it to someone else who will actually use the palette.  Moments like this is when I wish I wore eyeshadows since the palette is really pretty and I would love to know how the quality of Ulta brand is compared to other drugstore brands.

One of the things I love about Sephora's birthday gifts is that they are always from the higher end brands.  The first year I got my Beauty Insider birthday gift, the products were from Fresh.  The following year, the gifts were from Benefit, then Makeup Forever.  This year it's from Nars.  

I have personally been wanting to try these lip pencils from Nars so I was super excited at the end of December when Sephora revealed their 2015 Beauty Insider birthday gifts.  The little lip pencil set come in the shades Cruella, which is a matte red shade, and Rikugien, which is nude-y, neutral shade.  I honestly have not tried either but I am quite excited for them.  

In case anyone was wondering how big, or small, these lip pencils are, the above is a picture comparing it to the size of my phone, Samsung Galaxy S5.  They are pretty small but let's be honest, how many of us actually finish that many lip products?  I think it is a nice size to try out the products before purchasing the full size of them!

Have you guys picked up your free gifts from Ulta and Sephora yet?  What do you think will be next year's gifts?

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