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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

These pictures have been sitting in my collection of pictures for a while now and I thought I would dig it up for a nails post.  I like to recycle my plain nail swatching manicures as bases for more "intricate" ones that have designs to extend the time between manicures.  This particular one was created after my swatches of Julie G's Gelato In Venice nail polish; so yes, I have had these pictures for THAT long.  

This was actually my first time doing a chevron design, and I have to say I'm pretty happy with my first time.  There were some things that I could have done differently, but it still turned out pretty well in my opinion.

For my base colors, I used Julie G's Gelato in Venice.  The chevron was created using Wet 'N Wild's French White Creme and the accent nail glitter was with Sephora by OPI's I Found a Pot of Gold!  I really liked the mint green and gold combination.  If I were to redo this design, probably in the far future, I would have used the white polish as the base color for the glitter polish instead.  I think that would make the gold stand out a lot more.  I would also have switched the colors for the chevron nail, so that white would be the base and the mint green would go on top.

Overall I was really happy with my first ever chevron nails.  What are some of your recent manicures that you are happy with?

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