Empties: Lippies Edition

Friday, October 10, 2014

I know I just posted a products empties a few weeks back but I've managed to collect a handful of lip products over the years.  This will definitely be my one and only post like this, since I don't use products up fast enough, let alone a bunch of lip products!

I've used up most of these products, with the exception of two of the Elf's lip glosses; those lip glosses are one of my first lip glosses I purchased about 6 years ago and I don't feel comfortable putting the applicator to my lips anymore.  Anyways, let's get into the lip products that I've used up:

EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop.  This was my first ever EOS lip balm and it took me a while to use up.  These EOS lip balms are so overhyped.  This was an ok lip balm but not my holy grail balm for sure.  I'm currently using up one in Strawberry Sorbet and have a backup of Lemon Drop that I haven't used yet.
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose & Original.  This was a Beauty Insider birthday gift from Sephora a few years ago.  The lip balms are so luxurious but I feel a little hesitant on spending $23 on a lip balm.  I might pick up a gift set from Sephora with a bunch of minis somewhere down the line, but I'm ok without it right now.
Einstein Lip Therapy.  This was a huge impulse buy from a few years ago.  I was watching this youtuber who raved about this so I figured I give it a try.  I really liked it (hence I finished two already), and I am tempted to open a new one soon.  It is good from those who like minty/tingly lip balms.
CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine.  I love using these as my overnight lip treatment.  As you can see, I've gone through two of them and I'm currently almost done with my third one.  It is a thicker lip balm/gloss that is super glossy.  Since it has mentha, it provides the tingly sensation that I associate with "healing."  Definitely would repurchase over and over again.
Lip Smacker Kiss of Color in Cotton Candy.  This was definitely one of my very first clicky type lip gloss that I got.  It has a sweet scent and no pigmentation at all.  The gloss itself was not tacky as Elf's Hypershine lip glosses.  I'm not sure if they still sell these but I would not repurchase if I had a chance.  I've been moving on to bigger and better brand name products in the last few years.
Elf Hypershine Lip Gloss in Fairy, Joy and Vixen.  These were one of my first products I've tried from Elf a handful of years ago.  I've used up Joy, but still have a bit of Vixen and Fairy left.  These provide no pigmentation at all, but are super glossy.  The formula is a bit tacky but for $1, you can't really complain.
L'oreal Le Balm in Heavenly Berry.  I really like using this for a no fuss application that doesn't require mirror.  It has a nice faint, sweet scent that is not too overwhelming.  Unfortunately the balm does not provide much pigmentation at all but does provide a decent moisture to your lips.
Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm.  I've received this in one of those Target beauty bags a long time ago when they were free.  I was not a big fan of this lip balm and took forever trying to use it up.  I definitely won't be repurchasing this in the future since I didn't think it did much for me.
Jouer Lip Enhancer.  I received this as a free sample from Jouer.  The packaging is pretty small but you really don't need much for each use.  I actually had to try to use up the last of the products.  I would reconsider purchasing this in the future if I am ever in need of a lip balm in the future.

What are some lip products you've been enjoying and using up lately?  Have you tried any of these before?

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