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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Today I am here with my tiny haul from InsiderBeauty when they had a sale about 1.5 weeks ago.  They were selling the oh-so-famous LeeJiHam's Tea Tree 90 Essence for $30 and had free shipping on orders $30 and more.  I thought I would take an advantage of this sale and try out the essence.  I purchased this right before I went on my spending ban, so I didn't break the ban!  Now I thought I would do a mini haul and a review of the customer service I received from InsiderBeauty.  

My package came with a little post card and all the items were wrapped neatly (unlike my attempt in the picture above) in a black tissue paper with a sticker of their logo in the center.  I was really impressed with the presentation.  

I was really surprised to find that not only was my product in a bubble wrap, they also took the time to gift wrap my product in a black tissue paper with their logo sticker.  I've ordered from many places online and have not had my products gift wrapped before, unless I specifically checked a box for that!

Now the packaging of the product was slightly damaged (bottom left corner) but that is definitely not their fault.  I'm pretty sure that happened during the transit and it's just the outside packaging that was damaged; the product inside was completely fine.  And let's be real, I'm only going to be keeping the packaging for the next few weeks until I start decluttering and throwing them away.  

Another thing I was really impressed with was the samples they included!  I know when you order Korean products from ebay sellers, you get a good amount of samples.  For some reason, I was not expecting to find any samples with my order and was completely surprised that they included some at the bottom of my package!  Now the samples that came with my order were:
  • Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Mask with Broccoli
  • Primera Peeling Facial Mild sample
  • Su:m 37 Water-full Timeless Water Gel Cream sample
  • Primera Organience Emulsion sample

Now for the customer service part.  I placed the order Friday, July 31 in the morning and received a confirmation email within a few minutes.  Then I received a call with a number that I didn't recognize, so I didn't pick it up.  No voice mails were left but within a minute, I received an email from Angela saying that they've received my order but wanted me to call them back to verify some information before they can process my order because my card was flagged.  I called them back and they were so nice and asked me some questions to make sure I was the one who made that order.  

After we hung up, I received shipping confirmation within 5 minutes.  I was really impressed at how fast everything was being processed!  I have never received a shipment confirmation within 30 minutes of me placing an order before.  What was even more impressive was that I received the package, which was shipped to my sister... because I have asian parents who don't like it when I buy unnecessary things, on Monday, August 3!  The package was shipped from NY to CA over the weekend!

I am just completely impressed with InsiderBeauty, even though this review might not do them justice.  I would definitely recommend them to everyone who wants to try out Korean skincare and makeup products.  I will admit the selection of products they currently have is on the smaller side but I'm sure they'll expand with time.  

With that said, have you shopped from insiderbeauty before?  Also, what is your favorite place to buy Korean beauty and skincare products?

PS: Memebox is currently having a sale right now and LJH's Tea Tree Essence is $30 after the discount for those who want to try the essence as well!

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