Recently... & A Few Changes

Friday, December 19, 2014

First thing first, I'm the realist... just kidding! (But I do think of that every time someone uses that line).  But on to the business: I changed the name of the blog!  I knew I wasn't exactly happy with what I had before and I finally thought of one that I like better.  I thought it suited me a bit better since I do have a science background.

Next, I finally caved and purchased a layout on etsy.  For the longest time, I was stubborn and wanted everything on this blog to be my creation, including the layout.  Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to create a layout that I am satisfied with all by myself for a long time.  So for now, I am happy supporting others who can make my blog look 100x better than it was before.

And then there's the a month of silence.  Especially since I just stated that I just took an unexpected break a few weeks before.  I really don't have any explanation of it.  I have been making a list of things I can blog about, but I start to feel trapped whenever I only think of beauty things to talk about.  I don't really have a clear direction of where I want to take this blog to, but I know I don't want to only talk about beauty things.  Another thing that unmotivates me is that I'm not proud of my pictures.  I've been doing some reading on how I can improve my pictures but I don't have the camera for it, and I don't have the lighting in my house for it.  But I know like with anything in life, I have to start somewhere and improve as I go.  So for now, please bare with me as I experiment around with my pictures.

Now, here's to hopefully a better organized schedule on my part.

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